About Vidsyn Midjås

Adventurous accommodation on a mountain farm

Welcome to Vidsyn Midjås, lovely glass cabins located in the heart of nature with a fantastic view of the mountains, the forest and The Bandak water. At Vidsyn Midjås you can really enjoy the best of nature in a comfortable and modern atmosphere.

Each cabin is equipped with its own fire pan, so you can enjoy a pleasant evening around the campfire while looking at the starry sky. In addition, you can take a short trip to our service building, which has showers and a kitchen.

For those who want to experience nature in a more active way, we have a stall with hiking equipment, including berry pickers, maps, snowshoes, flashlights, mushroom books and buckets. Barbecue facilities are also available for those who want to grill outdoors.

We also offer a self-service breakfast and an opportunity to buy meat from Midjås, where the animals have been hunted, but slaughtered and packaged at the butcher. You can also collect mushrooms and berries in the area to take home with you.

We welcome you to Vidsyn Midjås, and hope you will have an unforgettable experience in nature with us.

“Here, tourists who visit Vidsyn Midjås can wake up, with forest all around and a wonderful view in front of them”.

Malin Midjås

General Manager

The Story

Malin has a background from the hotel industry, and is passionate about the concept of experience and “slow travel”. We wanted others to experience the tranquility and nature at Midjås. The idea is that it should feel like you are “one with nature”



Bø – Dalen 80 km
Skien – Dalen 140 km
Larvik – Dalen 160 km
Torp Flyplass – Dalen 180 km
Kristiansand – Dalen 215 km
Oslo – Dalen 230 km
Gardemoen – Dalen 270 km
Stavanger – Dalen 350 km (Over Suleskar 230 km)
Bergen – Dalen 340 km

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1 Room , 1 Adult , 0 Children