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We want our guests to experience something special during their stays with us, as great experiences create great memories.

300kr / 2hrs

Vidsyn Midjås Sauna

Enhance your stay by booking our private wood-fired sauna, available exclusively to guests renting our charming cabins. Reserve your sauna session now and elevate your retreat to new levels of serenity!


From kr. 1000,- pp

The Telemark Canal

The Telemark Canal stretches from the coast to the mountains with great variations in landscape and character. From southern idyll on the coast, via rolling fruit landscapes in Mid-Telemark to the high mountains and mighty Hardangervidda.


In the footsteps of the girls from Rui

A challenging hiking trail packed full of culture and history. The hike from the start of the staircase up to Rui is 1 km long, 810 steps, 200 metres hight difference, about 20-30 minute hike one way. The hike all the way to Eidsborg is 5 km long, about 2 hours hike one way. 

From kr 300

Soria Moria Sauna

Soria Moria is a work of art of a sauna – glittering like a piece of jewelry in Lake Bandak! The inspiration for the sauna is derived from surrounding landscape and history. The characteristic silhouette of the building is an interpretation of the steep mountainsides surrounding


Ravens Gorge - Viewpoint and tourist attraction

This spectacular natural attraction with a sheer drop of 350 meter from the edge of the cliff down to the river Tokkeåi below, is really worth a visit! Because of the air stream up the face of the cliff it is said to be possible to throw a banknote or a leaf over the edge and have it returned to you by the wind!

FROM kr. 65,- pp

West-Telemark Museum

The Western part of Telemark is known for being a land of stories and a treasure chest.

The famous painter Henrik Sørensen once said that West-Telemark is like Paris: every square meter has its own history! For over 40 years he returned again and again to get inspired. Here you find some of the reasons.

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